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 Perfect disruption to the status quo SSO flow

build on core with federly

Your website and customers depend on your security and privacy while you depend on your technology for your business health and success.  Perfect for small/medium businesses that do not have the staff, budget and time to have their own security force 24x7. 

Don't take the default settings from your Cloud account and spend time searching log files to find issues.   Cybersecurity challenges are here to stay let us enable you transparency, control and audit. 

Stay Cloud Agnostic for your first and most important configuration and security choice.


Coming in 2022 -  federly.me removes your dependence on outside providers for your mobile devices

The Benefits


Reverse SSO

Instead of using an externally managed login to gain access your federated login separates your uses from the masses and will grant the access.


 Separate IAM & Resources

In practice your existing resources stay where they are located and your users, access, governance, & encryption would be separated to the more transparent federly solution.


 Scalable, Redundant Continuity Included

As any cloud SaaS promises, federly can meet your scale and continuity requirements without dedicated DevOps support required to maintain.


Device Management

IOS, Android and Device management for your fleet managed needs can be incorporated.


VPS to Onsite Resources

Still have a physical location in addition to VPN users?   federly can your users using

PRIVATE Encryption...


Cloud Transparency & Audit

Federly provides transparency for non-technical users to perform independent audit for compliance, without logging into a cloud account.

Why Federly?

Open-Source Built

Open-Source built, a cost effective model to avoid expensive monthly SaaS plans.

 Your Data

Don't take the default!

Your data deserves your private encryption and practices for your business

24/7 Support

Our DevOps Support option can provide outsourced support for advanced configurations and staff augmentation.

Hacking is increasing year over year.

Estimated Cyber Attacks 2021
avg per week
increase from 2020
2021 Targeted:

Federly Founding Team

Manoj has spent more than a decade in Product Management activities, he has worked with big international IT brands to newly born start-ups. He is a techno-functional Product Manager with an entrepreneurial mindset who loves building new-age products to help businesses and individuals.

Manoj Kumar Co-Founder, CPO

TBD Co-Founder, Growth
TBD Co-Founder

TBD Co-Founder, CTO

With a career based in Fortune 100 leadership Xander, "rainmaker of ideas" has a full lineup of startups to accelerate.  Xander has always advocated building on a strong but flexible foundation. 

New threats and the pain felt from cyber-attacks must be accommodated, while preserving agility, time to market for new concepts while ensuring sustainability and survival for the bottom line particularly for micros, small and medium businesses.  

The federly foundation comes first. 

Xander Addison Founder