What SolarWinds Means for DevSecOps
The SEC's SolarWinds indictment plus its new four-day rule for
Feds to Microsoft: Clean Up Your Cloud Security
Re-post of article that resonates: Put Security Before Product Innovation
Top 10 Passwords 🙁
The top 10 passwords discovered by the analysis included common
Federly for Phone
I am raising this up again, particularly for those who
Noted competitor and inspiration provider Ping Identity sells for 2.8 Billion
https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2022/08/03/denver-ping-identity-sold.html The federly founders reviewed Ping Identity but had a
System of Trust (SoT) prototype framework
MITRE's so-called System of Trust (SoT) prototype framework is, in
Smaller Firms Lag in OSS Policies
Let federly manage your OSS Policies and Fork Updates Overall,
My IoT device seems extra “busy” lately…
Unpatched GPS Tracker Security Bugs Threaten 1.5M Vehicles With Disruption
The “need” is real and federly will provide
The "Need" is real and customers are willing to pay