Federly for Phone

I am raising this up again, particularly for those who wonder where the *real journalists* have gone

It is my intention to bring attention to the nuts and bolts that need to be decoupled from the obvious big providers. Federation (the thing that you trust your devices and resources to). I will tell you what every; PEP, Journalist, violent crime victim, silent witness, former exec who's had to fire the wrong person or mobster in retirement and politician has come to know. Your devices know everything about you, your business and can be weaponized against you remotely.

Yet we do not know or have the ability to know when they have been compromised.. We can't trust big companies who let security gaps and back-doors exist for 7 years. We can't stomach questioning motive when someone is murdered..

Open-Source is the only way to get there. But not with the "Wild Wild West" rather with trust and transparency.

When you disconnect from the common public solutions, when you unlock your phone. You need to be able to trust what you are going to as the solution. It needs to not be complicated and you need to be able to get help without explaining everything from the beginning in your worst moment. If you think you will not need it, I hope you are right.

Sometimes it's as clique as the signs that present and you become a risk to your friends, family and business partners. Or.. the other way around, such as in this case; under-estimating the lengths that forces that want to silence, create fear will go to. The device had been monitoring everything for 6 months leading up to the murder that still silences even today.

Security isn't a "right" as it turns out and what qualifies as justice leaves disappointment as well.

  • If this is a topic that resonates to you.
  • If you understand that evil comes in many forms including not knowing.
  • You know that doing nothing is not an option.
  • Have ever heard the term "assassination coordinates" but know that there are problems short of death

Please reach out to help create a balanced future.

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